image of molecules
image of molecules

PITCH accelerates the pathway for Yale researchers to translate discoveries in their labs into starting points for new therapeutics.

PITCH provides a pathway for Yale and UConn researchers to develop new, potentially lifesaving therapeutics based on their discoveries in the lab.

For Applicants

• Participants have access to resources, technology and expertise (including a staff of 14) for early, first steps in the drug discovery process

• Awarded a scope of work with all expenses paid

• Opportunity to learn from other scientists, venture investors, and pharma and biotech veterans who have led large teams to develop new medicines in industry

For Investors

• An early look at projects that have initial seed investment dollars and that have been matured and de-risked by a team of skilled drug developers

• View of early-stage opportunities with an ability to specify the data needed to assess the opportunity’s value

• With Yale receiving the majority of NIH-funded research in CT, a window into innovative research in the state

The Team

• PITCH projects have full access to the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery, staffed by a team of experienced biomedical scientists with experience in both academia and the biopharmaceutical industry.


$10 Million investment, 23 projects, and $500,000 funded for projects


PITCH received an investment of $12.5 million over four years from the Connecticut Bioscience Innovation Fund.

PITCH has funded 24 projects addressing unmet clinical needs in cancer, inflammation and infectious disease with levels of support exceeding $500,000 for projects since inception.